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Our partners and additional cooperation partners : Förderkreis für Tierrechte and the Gut Aiderbichl Trust Fund


Even if we were to succeed in protecting animals from humans, our achievement would amount to nothing. It’s only when we’ve succeeded in no longer needing to protect animals that we’ll have reached our goal. Then, we’ll truly have changed something: OURSELVES.

 Our Goals


§         To create awareness and communicate values

§         To promote changes in legislation

§         To investigate causes of animal distress

§         To implement and monitor animal rights in the economy

§         To help animals in need


Beyond the protection of animal rights, the “Gut Aiderbichl Private Foundation” also wishes to promote the idea of a new level of humanity. Part of this philosophy includes the communication of values to the broad public.


The “Gut Aiderbichl Private Foundation” conducts a host of activities in order to further its cause. Projects like “Good Truck”, initiatives for children, the disabled, the elderly and for people in need prove that the concept of a new level of humanity that focuses on people as well as animals can be made into reality. People in need of help affect the “Gut Aiderbichl Private Foundation” just as much as the lot of animals!


Förderkreis für Tierrechte Austria

PO Box 139

A-5024 Salzburg

Tel +43-662-625395

Fax +43-662-625395-120


Förderkreis für Tierrechte e.V. Germany

Jennerstraße 3

D-83451 Piding near Bad Reichenhall

Tel +43-8651-767602

Fax +49-8651-767603


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