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Corporate Sponsors

Gut Aiderbichl stands for integrity and creating conditions close to paradise for all those less powerful and not only for animals, but also for hospice patients, for disabled and especially for our work with children.


We are specially committed to our corporate sponsors and rely on their help. Our sanctuaries have the objective of communicating our values and ideals (through the Gut Aiderbichl Trust Fund) and our entrepreneurial approach as Gut Aiderbichl GmbH to guarantee the trust fund’s values over the long term. Since 2003, our Gut Aiderbichl GmbH team has put these entrepreneurial goals into practice: turning Gut Aiderbichl into a top excursion destination and a familiar brand with a high profile throughout Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland and placiened in the media successfully. From the outset, over 200 documentaries, which were filmed by and with Gut Aiderbichl, and an almost unrivalled series of edited media reports accompanied the work of Gut Aiderbichl, and the media attention keeps on growing. Last year, four major Aiderbichl media productions were completed – the TV show “Christmas at Gut Aiderbichl” was screened last year for the third time on Christmas Eve, and a second series of the TV hit “Paradise for Rescued Animals” was produced (ARD and ORF). From this summer, a docu-soap about Gut Aiderbichl will be screened on ARD! Every day, Aiderbichl stories will be on early evening TV.

 Reputable companies such as SIXT, Wüstenrot, Switcher, Munich’s Merkurverlag, Goldstar TV, VW and many more made a clear statement by choosing cooperation with Gut Aiderbichl – their choice demonstrates that an entrepreneurial mission and success go hand in hand with corporate culture and a high level of integrity.

Not only do business enterprises fully support our work, but we love joining forces with a star cast of celebrities such as Ralf and Cora Schumacher, DJ Ötzi, Hera Lind, Patrick Lindner, Claudia Jung, and many more – they are all true “Friends of Aiderbichl” and enjoy pledging their support for a good cause, to ensure that as many people as possible hear about Gut Aiderbichl.

 More benefits of corporate sponsoring:

• Sponsors of Gut Aiderbichl have their logo displayed on our highly popular homepage and website! Additionally, a link takes our online members and visitors directly to the sponsor’s own website. 

• For example, in cooperation with our sponsoring partner Volkswagen we used every opportunity to maintain a high joint public profile (free of charge). On numerous occasions, Michael Aufhauser drives to rescue animals with the VW Touareg. In popular magazines, editors frequently comment on Michael Aufhauser’s positive links with Volkswagen and his private car, the Phaeton.

 • Your company logo appears on a decorative sponsoring plaque and is visible to everyone on the guided tour of the Gut Aiderbichl estate. Simply make available to us your company logo and link to your homepage when you complete your sponsoring contract by e-mail to:



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