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Our Story in a Glimpse
14 Years of Gut Aiderbichl

1989:   The very beginning
While in Malaga Michael Aufhauser come across a Pererra and seeing  what happens to the dogs there he and Irene Florence bought ourt hundreds  saving them from certain death. This was the very beginning of a long ongoing and lovely journey of  establishing Gut Aiderbichl.

2000:   Campaigns and construction
The campaign against Animal transport in Salzburg starts and so does the construction of the first Sanctuary of Gut Aiderbichl in Henndorf.

2001:  The opening of the first estate

Opening of the first Gut Aiderbichl in Henndorf. Our first new animals arrive.

2002:   Building up a name 
Gut Aiderbichl  is getting known  and receives attention by the media.

2003:  The first Gut Aiderbichl Foundation is being founded 

-    The foundation Gut Aiderbichl is being set up in Salzburg.
-    Dieter Ehrengruber becomes the managing Director of Gut Aiderbichl.
-    The first Eurovsion television show for the support of Gut Aiderbichl is on air.

2004:  The number of the safed animals is growing
-    Gut Aiderbichl starts with buying free hundreds of animals. The estate in Henndorf is now    home for more than 400 animals.
-    “A Paradise for Animals”, the first television film on Gut Aiderbichl reaches more than 7.000.000 people in the German speaking countries.

2005:  We desperately need to expand
With more than 700 saved animals Gut Aiderbichl need now more space. Further estates close to Henndorf are being bought.

2006:  The second visiatble estate in Deggendorf,
Bavaria opens
-      The second visiatbel Sanctuary opens its door: Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf in Bavaria.
-      “The animal savior of Aiderbichl”, a documentary series on Gut Aiderbichl produced by the  German public television ARD becomes a huge success.
-      Michael Aufhausers book  “Rethink with your Heart” becomes a best seller.
-      The newspaper  “Münchener Tageszeitung” introduces  its new column called “Animal Files”.

2007:  More estates and a German Foundation

-    The German foundation Gut Aiderbichl is being established.
-     A new estate in Kaerten (Austria) becomes part of our Gut Aiderbichl estates.
-    The estates Spielberg and Thanham follow shortly after.

2008:   We extend further!
-    Over 1.000 saved animals live on 11 Gut Aiderbichl estates.
-    The estate in Kibl is being  added  to the Gut Aiderbichl group.
-    Our restaurants offer now exclusively vegetarian food.
-    The yearly Eurovision TV show continues.

2009:  The takeover of our lab chimpanzees
-    Gut Aiderbichl takes over a group of former lab chimpanzees. The biggest and most difficult endeavor Gut Aiderbichl ever encountered. Amongst others Jane Goodall supports us.
-    The third Gut Aiderbichl Foundation is being founded in Switzerland
-    The estate in Moosfel in Mainburg  becomes a Gut Aiderbichl estate.

2010:  Gut Aiderbichl goes to France
-    Gut Aiderbichl expands in France: our long year supporter Beatrice Buerchler-Keller covering  60 hectare this is the biggest of our estates.
-    The estates in Iffeldorf and Maria Schmolln  are being added to Gut Aiderbichls estates.
-    The construction of the 2.500 sq2 chimpanzees Refuge near Vienna is in process .

2011:   Gut Aiderichl’s 10th birthday

-    Opening of the Chimpanzees Refuge in Gänserdorf near Vienna. 
-    The new donkey house is being built in Henndorf with the kind support of Verena Weber and Jürgen Lorenz.
-    The estate Teufen in St. Gallen was inherited to Gut Aiderbichl by our supporter Edith Peier-Landolt.
-    The story of the clever cow Ivonne becomes famous all over the world. After looking for her for 98 days, Ivonne finally becomes an “Aiderbichler”.

2012:   Gut Aiderbichl keeps on growing !
-    We now house more than 5.000 animals in our 23 estates.
-    Our visitable estates in Henndorf and Deggendorf are being expanded.
-    Ms. Heidelore Auer donates her estate  in Traisen to Gut Aiderbichl.
-    The German foundation buys more land in Bavaria.
-    The project “Save Dogs and Cats in Need” is being expanded.

2013:   40.000 members and 25 estates
-    The third visitable estate Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf (near Munich) opens its doors to the public.
-    The estate in Eslarn becomes part of Gut Aiderbichl.
-    Gut Aiderbichl starts a cooperation with the Austrian insurance company “Wüstenrot”  and offers the takeover of  home animals in case of illness or death of their owners.
-    The cat refuge in Stift Traisen opens its doors to cats in need.

Today only 14 years later, Gut Aiderbichl consists of 25 sanctuaries with 5.600 animals under its protection and 300 people employed and the number of our Members keeps on growing….

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