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Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf



Our Gut Aiderbichl Estate in Henndorf is located about 12 miles (20 km) east of Salzburg, Austria, right in the middle of a pristine landscape. Established by Michael Aufhauser in the year 2000, it has evolved into a success story of the first order as it now offers space for about 1,000 animals on its surrounding properties.

The estate consists of a main stable housing mostly horses, such as Chatleen and her pony Baricello, Diana and Lotti, Lisa and her friend, the goat Mecki, our Mariandls, and Noah, as well as a host of others. All across the estate you’ll also find a number of kennels and little houses for our rabbits, geese, hens and ducks.

One of our great challenges was to offer our foxes the kind of life that’s true to their nature and that allows them to return there too. And by building them their own fox kennel, this is exactly what we’ve done. Fredi, Eve, Leon, Marc and their friends have found a new home that way. Also in an open area just for them, we’ve got Sophie, our deer hind, and Burli, our 30-point red deer stag, whose owner couldn’t find it within himself to release him for hunting, so he brought him to us at Gut Aiderbichl.

In our other stables, you will find cattle, goats, sheep, ponies, donkeys and other horses now living a life, free of worries at our Gut Aiderbichl Estate in Henndorf.

All our animals have names. That means we made a special promise to each and every one: they can stay with us their whole life long, until the end of their natural life, and never again have to live in fear. Everyone who has the chance should not delay a visit! Our hope is that by getting to know Gut Aiderbichl, you will get to know us. Ultimately, it’s not just about our estates, but also about our philosophy.


Adults EUR 9.-
Children (aged 4-14 years) EUR 4.50
Children (up to 4 years of age) free
Disabled (with valid ID) EUR 3.-
Group price from 16 people EUR 8.-

- Guided tour of the estate (on the hour, every hour, duration approx. 45 mins.,
   included in the entry price)
- Film screenings (free of charge)
- Dogs are very welcome, please keep your dogs on a leash. Our large off-leash
  exercise meadow for your dogs to roam free is accessible daily from 11 a.m. and is
  free of charge.
- We are happy to provide wheelchairs for our disabled visitors.
- Owners of a "Gut Aiderbichl Membership Ticket" and your friends/family are 
   entitled to free entry 365 days a year!


On the Grand Tour, you can enjoy all the different experiences that our estate has to offer. This is an ideal way to learn everything you need to know about the animals’ stories, our philosophy and our latest films of Gut Aiderbichl.

The Grand Tour lasts about 2 hours – you get the full picture and any questions are answered before you can ask them. Together with your tour guide, you will explore the estate’s hidden corners and get to know our most popular animals.

But we have even more plans to delight you: Why not take a ride on our model train Biggy-Express? You’ll marvel at our neighboring countryside with the magnificent view of Lake Wallersee and, weather permitting, the unforgettable panorama of the Austrian and Bavarian Alps.

As a special highlight, why not visit our Aiderbichl Schroffner farmyard? Here, our horse experts and craftsmen have built a specially adapted stable (it’s cost-effective, too) for our horses.

Before you leave us, we also invite you to enjoy coffee and cake or a light vegetarian snack. We want you to leave the Gut Aiderbichl Estate with the warm feeling of witnessing a corner of paradise – so you can look forward to taking home our small, but beautiful gift from Gut Aiderbichl.


Adults EUR 39.-
Children (aged 4-14 years) EUR 24.-

- Welcome drink, individual and extensive guided tour of the estate
- Coffee and cake of your choice
- Excursion with our model train "Biggy Express" at our Aiderbichl Schroffner Estate
- Beautiful souvenir gift

Reservations for groups and general information via:

TEL: +43 (0) 662-625395-113 or 
e-mail to

Our self-service restaurant has seating capacity for over 250 visitors. We take pleasure in offering our guests freshly prepared vegetarian dishes with refreshing beverages. Weather permitting, our Beer Garden is also open in the courtyard: the ideal place to enjoy the wonderful ambiance of Gut Aiderbichl.

On the hour, every hour, you can join a guided tour – don’t miss out! Our guides provide a host of information about how the estate was established and the animals living with us. Many visitors begin to think about how to improve the relationship between humans and our fellow animals.

 “Even if we were to succeed in protecting animals from humans, our achievement would amount to nothing.

It’s only when we’ve succeeded in no longer needing to protect animals that we’ll have reached our goal.

Then, we’ll truly have changed something: OURSELVES.” (Michael Aufhauser)



Enjoy the awakening of Spring and the Easter season at Gut Aiderbichl. It’s what we do – taking animals in distress into our sanctuaries. So we are often fortunate to be able to celebrate Easter with newborn Easter lambs, goats, baby rabbits and chicks and for all involved to enjoy a happy Easter! At our special information stands, you can find out what egg production means today, where our many Easter animals came from and much more.

At our market, you’ll find hand-painted Easter eggs and great gift ideas for you to make yourself. You’ll find everything that makes Easter a joyful occasion.

Naturally, we spend plenty of time over seasonal activities such as decorating pussy willow boughs or blessing seasonal foods. For more information, please contact our team in Salzburg who will be happy to advise you: Tel +43 662 625395.

Every Christmas, Gut Aiderbichl and the estate animals have a special kind of glow. Why not look forward this year to a joyful Christmas season? A wide selection of tasteful gifts, presented at wonderfully decorated stands, is ready and waiting for you. Many hundreds of rescued animals join in our celebrations for this very special time of year. There’s plenty to see and do for families: e.g. the kids can make cribs or Christmas decorations or have the option to help grooming our horses. Our restaurant is open all day and, as ever, we have many surprises for you – an open fire, traditional craftwork, a nativity crib and much more. Every year, you can see our live crib in the estate’s courtyard.
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