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Support a Good Cause

Support a Good Cause – Become a Friend of Aiderbichl

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People frequently ask us why the Gut Aiderbichl Estates depend on donations in view of the fact that Michael Aufhauser has a personal fortune.
For that reason, we would like to explain the reasons why we’re sometimes pushed to our
financial limits. The original Aiderbichl Estate was designed for about 75 animals, including 30 large animals such as horses.

In no time at all, however, we saw our number of animals reach several times that amount.
Now we shelter more than 5.600 animals, more than 700 of which are horses.

And still, we are taking in more animals. You see, we have to take action whenever there’s imminent danger, animals face excruciating death or whenever living creatures suffer with no end in sight. Putting an end to suffering always has priority over any potential costs.

At Aiderbichl, we strive to provide the best of care to “poor” animals as well, including excellent medical care along with exercise programs. That’s why we have a staff of about 350 employees.

Finding a new home for animals, especially for horses, cattle and swine, is becoming harder and harder. Many people simply can’t afford to adopt animals. Therefore, we vastly expanded.

In the end, we established a limited company (GmbH) solely to form a solid foundation for all our activities. We have never requested nor received any government funds for Gut Aiderbichl. In this form, our beneficial philosophy can carry itself economically while raising the bar in the protection of animal rights. Combining the economic benefits of an enterprise with the support from promoters and sponsors enables us to keep up the excellent care we provide for rescued animals. Any contributions exclusively benefit the cause of Gut Aiderbichl and not any private individuals or institutions.

However, we want our numerous projects to continue.
We want to be able to answer calls for help at a moment’s notice.
We believe that our ideas and goals should keep on gaining momentum.
It is our hope that our actions will carry consequences in that more and more people become aware of the hardship and suffering endured by others.
If we are to make a real difference, we need the willingness of as many people as possible to support our mission.

If our actions are to carry any weight at all, we have to be in a position to spread this responsibility, even in a financial sense. It’s the only way for us to reach other people with our mission. It is then that we can motivate broad sections of the public to think and act with their hearts. And that’s when we’ll see visible results spreading from man to man and from man to animal.

Please do your part to make these results a reality!

The more you help, the more we can help!

Donation Account Numbers:

Account: Gut Aiderbichl Stiftung (Trust Fund)
Account No.: 8041102867
Bank code: 70120700
Oberbank Bayern
IBAN: DE92701207008041102867

Account: Gut Aiderbichl Stiftung (Trust Fund)
Account No.: 121358006
Bank code: 15090
Oberbank Salzburg
IBAN: AT111509000121358006

Account: Gut Aiderbichl
Account No.: 85-443881-2
IBAN: CH860900000854438812



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