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Our Chimpanzee-Project Video

During the 1970s and 1980s, animal research laboratories relied heavily on chimpanzees. After the AIDS epidemic, there was an upsurge in demand for chimps.

Monkey catchers swarmed around the African rainforest to trap baby chimps for Research. Adult chimps are difficult to catch: they are highly intelligent, and also seven times stronger than humans. The catchers wasted no time. They used brutal methods to trap the young chimps. The mother–child relationship is as intense for chimps as for humans. Infants cling to their mother’s belly for three years, and ride piggyback for four more years. Shooting their mothers was the only way to catch the infants.

Most of our Chimpanzees  came from Sierra Leone and were intended for the IMMUNO lab in Orth - then, located in Vienna. After 1997, due to a company takeover, they were released from animal experimentation. Their new owners (Baxter) conduct no experiments with primates. In 2002 the chimps were transferred to a safari park. After the Safari Park went bankrupt in 2004, the chimpanzees became in 2009  ‘Aiderbichler’!  The construction of their future home began. 

On a 2,500 m2 big territory two houses, ‘House A’ and ‘House B’ were under construction. House A consists of seven enclosures and should become home for the less ill-treated animals. House B consists of four enclosures and will be home for the most traumatized Chimps.

In September 2011, the gates to the great outdoors opened for the 26 ex-lab chimpanzees from ‘A-House’. In just a few months, the other 11 chimpanzees  also went outside along with 5 primates and Juppi, our cute kinkajou (‘honey bear’). We came up with something really special for these chimpanzees: Enclosures offering as much freedom as security. We constructed 10-metre high arches that are covered with a steel safety net. We also created climbing apparatus, water features and many more luxuries. The 11 chimpanzees from ‘B-House’ experienced more intense research experiments than most of the others. That included no contact with humans or their own kind – for decades.

To thank the chimpanzees for their huge sacrifice, the Baxter pharmaceutical group continues to contribute major donations for them – until today.

An exclusive Gut Aiderbichl Video produced by Tom Vacek.

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