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Fascinating Backgrounds
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Our Walkabout

Just take our more than fivehundred rescued cats. They live on seven of our twentyfive estates. We allow them to enjoy beautiful indoor facilities as well as spacious save outdoor territories. Like here on these fotographs taken on Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf near Munich.

For cats that need special care we have rebuilt a former hotel in lower Austria and those that need lots of freedom can enjoy our estate in France (below)....

But Gut Aiderbichl also helps dogs in desperate need. Strays and those who lost their owners. More than fifty thousand members of Gut Aiderbichl support us, as well as donors from all over the world.
Gut Aiderbichl has more than 150.000 square metres fenced in, so that our dogs can enjoy their life daily without a lead. At present are more than 200 dogs under our protection. They may stay with us forever.

These puppies above were found abandoned in Greece, but our dogs come from all over the world. From Romania, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, from kill-shelters in the United States and even from Hawaaii. Members of Gut Aiderbichl can make arrangements with us, that their pets will be able to come to Gut Aiderbichl if they pass away or become seriously ill.

Wildbore piglet Mercy, who escaped the hunting of her familiy, and piglet Quax, who managed to get out of a truck, became friends at Gut Aiderbichl. Like more than 150 other pigs they enjoy their life on our estates.

In 2009 Gut Aiderbichl took over 40 chimps, that were used in research for human medicine. Some of them lived in small cages for more than 30 years. In 2011 we opened eleven outdoor places for them. Supporters of our Gut Aiderbichl Monkey Refuge are the only ones, that may visit them. Please ask for more infomation.

Estate Manager Louis accompanies former circus studs to their "playgrounds". More than 350 animal keepers make sure, that each animal has daily an unforgetable experience. Including more than 700 rescued Aiderbichl horses.


There is a special reason, why we help suffering cows, calfs and bulls. They have absolutely no lobby.
Just one example of many is bull Egon (above). He was the only one left over of 173 bulls that died during the floods in Bavaria in June 2013. Our herd of rescued cattle succeeds more than 500. With their presence on our visitable estates we inform our visitors on how meat and milk is produced and much more. Did you know, that 30 % of milk and meat products become unconsumed waste?


Baby swans, deer, small foxes and many other wildlife animals need our help. Especially in spring time. For these animals we have built Gut Aiderbichl Carinthia and species-appropriate space on other estates.

Gut Aiderbichl has created special programs for animals in desperate need. Strays in Eastern and Southern Europe. Please support us. Cats and dogs, horses and donkeys, that need expensive operations or have no chance of adoption in their home contries find their way to Gut Aiderbichl in large numbers.

Old greek donkeys arrive at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf. They were found abandoned and were in danger of starving to death. Gut Aiderbichl even has its own donkey residence in Henndorf.

Gut Aiderbichl makes sure, that all donations are invested transparent and well budgeted. We try to keep our office cost as small as possible.

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